Office work & Remedial massage

MT office work & remedial massage is specially designed massage treatment to treat office work related aches and pains.

Most of us suffer from the modern lifestyle “sitting syndrome” which may have negative impact on our bodies. Spending most of our time at the desk in flexed position our flexors get tight and overuse while extensors elongate and weaken. This disharmonic relationship between flexors and extensors usually leads to rounded shoulders (short pectoral muscles), headaches (short neck extensors), wrist-elbow and shoulder pain, lower back pain (due to compression), underused hamstrings, etc.

Using wide range of muscular treatments: trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, all in combination with stretching it will help you to lengthen your body and regain your posture.

Every treatment is based on postural assessment followed by treatment plan to help your body regain balance.

For everlasting benefits our massage therapist will suggest a short exercise program or MT private yoga program to complement your massage treatment.